May 21, 2010

120 & Blondo

Subject: 120th and Blondo
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 15:11:44 -0700
From: “Dan Avsec”
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Mr. Brown:

I see that your building on 120th and Blondo is being remodeled. Wouldn’t it be logical to simply tear down that eyesore and build a structure that will not rust and have the appearance of a shed that has seen it’s last days. I know you said that you have won an award for this “piece of art” but judging by the number of awards given out by the AIA, the individual who developed the tee-pees seen at every KOA campground received one as well.

Just to give you a hint, a building should be appealing to look at as well as functional. Send your “art” to the art museum downtown. Your arrogant personality preceeds you and I already know that you will see this as an attack on your ego. Believe me it’s not, this is just my opinion. I have talked to many people about this building and I have yet to hear anything positive.

I have an offer for you. Demolish the building and I’ll send you an merit certificate (signed by myself) from the Avsec Institute for helping to make Omaha beautiful. Or you can tell me how much it would cost to buy that lot so I can have it leveled and sell the lot to another gas station.

Thank you

Dan Avsec

P.S. You may want to have your web site developed by a professional as well.

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  1. Randy says:

    I am curious if the world agrees with this writer? Let me know what you think — Randy

  2. Chris says:

    On the subject of thought provoking art, literature, film, music and the built environment I am quickly reminded of RBA’s 120 BLO project constructed in harsh cold steel; that unyielding material that somehow finds its way into some of the most absurd situations through the manipulations of a discerning mind, a risk taking soul and a handful of docile apprentices. The steel begins to occupy a space, sometimes not performing a specific task and at other times, exclusively capitalizing on a singular task. A stair becomes a lightwell becomes a entry canopy. Tectonic elaborations take the forms of pragmatism and manipulate them into something new; adding a new discourse for built space, or at least altering the bearing of probable outcomes.

    At first glance the 120BLO project appears as a conglomerate of twisted steel components, fresh from the consignment yard, adjoined to other space defining parts. After living with such a work in the adjacent bunk for several months, one undoubtedly begins to see the deliberate joining of those disparate parts. Parts that begin an interrelationship that once had not existed and that if unleashed into the everyday of our Wall Street society would most likely receive a notable amount of criticism.

    However, these objects whether intentionally designed to perform programmed tasks or not, impress the dynamic of a new space into the human psyche. Function and use are adapted as secondary parameters when a steel armature, connected to a series of support wires, pipes, cables, and plate steel begin to act more like a bus stop, an amphitheatre or perform more simple tasks such as holding a drink. They occupy the everyday as proudly as any distinctive event. The objects are penetrable forms and spaces, allowing light, reflections and sound to pass through at the toll keeper’s levy. A tax which is in no part taxing. The product of such an interaction is the development of further depth, understanding and experience of those innate spatial properties.

    A worth while undertaking does this. It is not necessarily in the form of twisted steel and manipulated, dangling cable. At times it finds its way into the austere places of chapels, baths, eateries and homes. There are many and we are out to find those moments. We are out to find ways to challenge and change the experiences and scenarios Wall Street tells us we should have. We are out to find different.

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