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Friday, May 21st, 2010

Photo Essay

“Excerts from: Marnie
by Marion Marsh Brown

………..THE BARN WAS UP. It stood bright and proud in its unpainted nudity. Coming from school, Marnie said, “Look how far you can see it!”
“Wait till it’s painted. Red’ll show for miles, “ Twist said.
Marnie sighed. “It’s so pretty the way it is. I hate to see them paint it. It looks so—so pure!”

……….She was on the verge of a thought that wouldn’t quite come. Wasn’t it the same with people? “I’ll bet grown-ups don’t act the way they really are underneath the surface.

p. 148
………”Where are we going? What’s on the other side?” Twist asked excitedly. “We’re still explorers, aren’t we?”
“Of course. And nobody’s ever been this way before.”

……….No one had ever come just this way before. Life opened out to her as a tremendous adventure. Her heart swelled.

All of a sudden the whole project was out of the realm of dreams. It was a thing of flesh and blood, not of the nebulus future but of the very real present. He couldn’t work fast enough to get his building completed. MMB frontier becon

Frontier Beacon – it will point the way. MMB