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Friday, August 13th, 2010

Things to know

  1. RBA enjoys traveling to new places, meeting new people and using our farmer’s perspective as a lens in which to observe and understand new cultures, places and client challenges.
  2. RBA has taught studios and seminars at both undergraduate and graduate levels and we will always consider opportunities to teach.
  3. RBA speaks to universities, AIA chapters, conventions and trade shows and we will rarely turn down a speaking gig.
  4. RBA architecture and art projects have been exhibited in museums, architecture schools, galleries and included in numerous traveling shows and we just can’t say no to exhibits.
  5. RBA has provided free design services to charities, not for profits and worthy organizations that can not afford design services for the last 15 years and our goal is to do at least one pro bono project every year.
  6. RBA has been a juror for architecture and art competitions numerous times each year and we continue to jury whenever our schedule allows.
  7. Design is not a product you buy from us.  Design is process.  A back and forth dialogue with our clients.  Words, drawings, models and renderings are the instruments to communicate.   Clients that have experience with our process, keep coming back for more.  The design quest is addictive.  When the goals of client and designer are the same, it is a tight team of collaborators all searching for the remarkable solution.   When the client’s and architects are on the same page looking for the same result, the project budget is adequate for the goals, and the site matches the project intentions –  magic can happen!