Nebraska Authors Studio
Professor Randy Brown

This vertical studio was taught by Randy Brown at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.   The studio project was to create Architecture in Nebraska through the lenses of famous Nebraska authors.

The 12 week project was broken down into 12 one week assignments.  Students were required to read a book by their author and find a passage in the book that described a site in Nebraska.  The passage was analyzed and key words defined.  The students then created a model of the selected passage using only an old dictionary as modeling material.  With a dictionary transformed to a physical site, the students designed instruments to measure the topography of there dictionary/site.  Using the instrument to measure contours, site plan drawings were constructed.  With a real site, the students were finally told that the rest of the semester would be to design an interpretative center for their author on the site they had constructed. The program called for public exhibit space, a library archive and a small residence to be used by visiting scholars.   Final design presentations were in the form of an 8”x8” handmade book that documented the process and the final design proposals.