January 15, 2010

Welcome to RBA

Welcome to RBA! This blog has been established as a means to convey what we are working on, thinking about and what we may revere at the moment -which could be a piece of writing, song lyrics, film, art or a work of architecture; it all has a purpose to design.

A major component of the winning platform for the Obama campaign was in promoting transparency of the inner workings at the White House and government at large (although incredibly large). In the RBA studio, (at a much smaller scale), we are just as eager to invite the public into the inner workings of what we do in an effort to promote a greater awareness and effectiveness of our design. This is a place for the ideas and rigor of our work to engage in a larger discourse about design with other colleagues as well as clients.

Please continue to check in as the site will develop as we move along… it is a process after all and we expect something great from it.

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