Our clients who have most benefited from our design work are the clients who share common ground, values and mutual respect with our studio.

RBA believes in meaningful, deep and on-going dialogues with our clients.

There is nothing more rewarding than to celebrate the successful opening of a project with our clients and everyone is in agreement of a remarkable job done by all.

  1. Remarkable design is excruciatingly detailed, compositionally resolved, clean, minimal visual statement which creates a quiet counterpoint to the visual clutter/noise dominating the built environment.
  2. Remarkable design solves programmatic needs, allows people to work and live better, and creates a positive, emotional experience activating all of the senses.
  3. Remarkable design has a positive visual and ecological effect on the surrounding environment.
  4. Remarkable design is sustainable, uses recycled materials, conserves and produces energy.
  5. Remarkable design evolves from the site’s specific terrain and is a response to its climate, topography, soil, hydrology, flora and fauna.
  6. Remarkable design is specific and integral to the context of the region or culture to which it is located.
  7. Remarkable design is the result of a systematic “evolutionary process” RBA has developed over 20 years.
  8. Remarkable design solves the client’s challenge, achieves the client’s goals and exceeds the client’s expectations.
  9. Remarkable design is original and authentic.
  10. Remarkable design must set the highest standards for quality.