RBA has three main areas of expertise:

Cultural – consists of buildings for fine arts and humanities institutions, museums, galleries, art installations, community centers and exhibition design.

Dwell – encompasses new residences, house renovations, work/live environments, custom furniture, affordable housing and community planning.

Identity – entails commercial offices, retail stores and restaurants where we typically collaborate with advertising, marketing and graphic design consultants to create total identity design solutions and physical environments.

Our work involves the creation of remarkable design to help our clients achieve their business and personal objectives

Central to this work is the need for meaningful dialogue to establish the programmatic, functional and emotional aspirations, to refine the design models and to overcome the hurdles of budget and deadlines.

RBA’s research work involves discovery based systems to learn the client’s unique blend of users, content and context. Usability testing, creativity, marketing, competitive analysis, environmental systems, green design and sustainable materials are some of the other areas in which RBA publishes its research.

RBA’s art work consists of handcrafted art installations, jewelry, furniture, shirt designs, films, sculpture, book making, and graphite gesso drawings.