January 25, 2010

jj sandwich

The third week of working at Randy Brown Architects dealt mostly with the DiNucci project. The drawings were as far as they could go in the schematic design phase until a cost estimator took a look at them to get the estimated cost of building the home. That person estimated the cost with the plans and sections that we gave him and it ended up being much more than the clients were willing to pay (this is common) so our job for the week was to develop a “slim option.” As Randy says eating a Jimmy john sandwich.  The intent was to shave off any extraneous square footage that wouldn’t negatively affect the design.

We studied the current drawings and realized that the master bath was a problem area. It had too much unnecessary space and needed to be reworked to a more economical space. The sketch shows how one possible bathroom layout could work while trimming off square footage and cost. Once the major space revisions were done, the rest of the plan was tweaked so that there was no wasted square footage. With the plans in a more “toned” stage, the elevations and sections needed to be updated and ready for the meeting with the clients. The model also needed to be updated, and base needed to be constructed for the model. The project had a unique site and we decided that the only way to accurately build a base for the site was to actually go make a site visit.

When we weren’t working on the DiNucci drawing set, we were checking off items on the to-do list Randy created at the beginning of the week. Some of the jobs were simple, two second tasks; others were a bit more involved. I found myself figuring out a way to hang the drill bit holders to the wall without them just being placed. By working in a design profession I find myself always deciding new ways to do ordinary jobs. We could have simply stacked the drill bits on the table, but being more creative aids in a better solution. Another task that involved creativity was to run an extension cord from the center of the table to the outlet across the room. Ordinarily, someone might have run the extension cord along the wall to the outlet, but I went ran it under the floor in the basement and concealed the cord in the joists so the cord was undetectable.  The RBA way always takes long- but from what I have experienced the RBA way leads to remarkable.

By the end of week three I was more than ready for the weekend. Saturday was the first day that I can remember since I have been in Omaha that it has been over 32 degrees and sunny. It was a nice change only to be a short memory as Sunday brought back the 20 degree weather and more snow. The weekend was another chance to get out and learn more about the city. So far, Omaha has been a good experience. I hope that when the weather is a little more cooperative, I’ll be able to go back to some of the places I’ve been and learn a little more about certain areas of the city. I’ve found that Omaha has many things to offer, you just have to know where to look.

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