April 4, 2010

ahha moments

The week started on a good note. With the Easter holiday at the weekend, I told Randy I needed to take Friday off so I could travel to Minnesota to see my family. After that was on the table, the weeks assignments shifted a bit but nothing too drastic. Randy planned for Meg and I to finish our office work on Monday and Tuesday and then spend the rest of the week in shop finishing out the bench.

After the meeting I headed straight to the computer as I knew I had a lot to accomplish in the office over the next two days. As Randy has been working with the web engineer on redesigning the firms website, I have been scanning articles from magazines and newspapers into the computer. The idea for this is to show visitors on the new website that we have been published by various magazines in the past. A list of magazines we’ve previously been published in will show and from there you can click on the magazine title. For instance, if a visitor to selects the Dwell Magazine tab, issued date, front cover and article will be right there to read.

This is a smart tool to put on the new website. To me, seeing that a firm has been published in some big name magazines gives credibility. You automatically know that there is some thoughtful work produced from this architectural office or the magazine editors wouldn’t have wasted their time with it. Ever since Randy told me what he intended to do with scanned articles, I’ve been conducting a little research. I’ve randomly gone through a few architectural  firms websites to see if anyone else has done something like this. The results were surprising. I didn’t find any websites that had the magazine they were featured in along with the article. One architectural practice had a list of magazines they’ve been published in, but the article wasn’t attached.

The rest of the week was down in the shop. This time, no hat, gloves or even a jacket were required. Wednesday and Thursday turned out to be the two nicest days of the year so far. With an idea for the bench and what we had to do to finish it, Meg and I worked together to help speed the process up. We had most of the bench mocked up and held together with wire when Randy came down to take a look at our progress. He pointed out a few adjustments, quizzed us on a couple design decisions and was out the shop door two minutes later. After he left, Meg and I were both impressed with Randy’s imbedded knowledge he spoke of earlier in the year. He has a creative eye and after years of experience, he has the ability to see what the bench still needed done to it before it was even finished. After we made the necessary adjustment to the bench, it was one of those, “ah, ha” moments when you think, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner!” With Thursday at an end, it was time for the holiday weekend.

One of the highlights of the weekend besides seeing my family from Minnesota was I got to see the Twins new baseball stadium. My cousin had an extra ticket so on Saturday afternoon, we made our way to downtown Minneapolis to see the game. It was strange to see everyone looking up and all around at the architecture of the stadium. It’s usually only me looking up at ceilings and exterior walls and all my non-architecture friends wander what I’m doing; but this time, everyone was doing that. The Twins ended up beating the Saint Louis Cardinals, eight to three, and I got to see some really great sports architecture.

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