May 9, 2010

sensory integration

The priority for this week was to go through the biography page for the new website and find the rest of the articles that Randy requested. Over the weekend, Randy went over the biography page and the folder with the articles I had already scanned in and circled the ones that were still missing.

I took that page, went to the magazine shelf and pulled the remaining articles. It took a majority of the week to get the articles into the computer and touched up in Photoshop. In between working on the scanning process I was doing research for the Boys Club exterior play space. After the meeting Randy had with them a few weeks ago, he was able to get some better direction of what type of play structures they were looking for.

Roger, the Boys Club director, asked us to develop a better understanding of what a playground that incorporates sensory integration looks like. After much research online and through the packet of information he gave us, I typed up a response as to what we would be doing to the design of the playground. After clearly understanding what we were trying to achieve, I went back to 3ds Viz and AutoCAD. In those programs, I worked on the files I had already begun and started to make this even more of a sensory integrated playground than it already was. I added areas and structures  for kids to spin on various types of equipment. An overhead canvas shading device was incorporated to provide shade but also add to the “ship” like theme.

After working on the Boys Club playground design for part of the week, Randy wanted me to focus my attention on finishing up the magazine articles. I set the Boys Club project aside for awhile to completely zone in on the task at hand. Within in an hour, I was making steady progress and could see that I would have this finished by the end of the week. By the time Friday came, I had finished the scanning process and was back to work on the Boys Club project.

The weekend promised to be a fun one. Meg’s two sisters and cousin flew in town from St. Louis Friday night and stayed through part of Sunday.   We showed them the Old Market District and ate dinner at Stokes. The food was great (as expected) and atmosphere even better. We stayed so long, we “closed” the restaurant. On Saturday, we showed them around the parts of Omaha we were familiar with. One of the points of interest was the pedestrian bridge. By the end of the weekend, I was pretty worn out and got myself prepared for another week of work.

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