April 25, 2010

AND grease traps!

The week began with an office meeting. Randy discussed our progress on the various projects and the website.  Jon will begin conceptual designs for the Boys Club Play Structure as well as work on other small tasks.  I am still on the Kobe project with Chris. The design work of Kobe is still in process. We are at the point between design development and construction documents.

For the first part of the day I completed some of the busy work such as adding notes, details, and dimensions to the drawings. Later that afternoon Randy reviewed the drawings with us. We discussed the site plan and the changes.

The next few days I worked on the site plan. Drawing a site plan at RBA was very different from a site plan at school. There were issues such as drainage, dumpsters and grease traps. These small issues seemed to be overlooked during studio. I did not think they were very significant before, but now I know if these issues are not properly resolved major problems will occur.

Thursday and Friday I worked on elevation studies. The elevations are still unresolved. Randy, Chris, and myself were not pleased with the design. There was nothing remarkable about the design so I started to explore other options.  This practice was extremely similar to studio.  Many times during studio I would create multiple options of elevations and concepts until it fit the design.

Over the weekend I went to Manhattan to gather up my summer clothes.  While in town, Jon and I decided to explore Manhattan’s bike trails with friends. We started the trail behind the Wal-Mart and rode for about sixteen miles. During my two years at K-State I never realized there were bike trails. I hope to use trails regularly next year.

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