May 2, 2010

comparable to a professor

Monday morning we discussed the design changes. It was decided the design did not meet the project’s concept so we took a step back to figure out what was not working. We each put forth ideas about what we liked and what was not working for the design.

This is the exact process used in studio. A student will come up with a concept and discuss it with the professor. The professor will give feedback about the design and help the student create a presentable design.  Randy is comparable to the professor, giving us ideas that steer us back on track. When a student is caught up in a detail that doesn’t work, the professor will assist them with finding the solution.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I updated all the drawings to match the new design.  Changing drawings is a common task used in studio and the other offices I worked at. Since I only used AutoCad for drawings, I must go into every drawing sheet and change dimensions, materials, and details myself.  This may be one of the most time consuming assignments.

Randy received the US Data video from Assassi on Friday.   My job was to find out where and who was in charge of publishing videos on different websites.   After that was completed, Randy asked me to write a marketing page for RBA. I was not sure where to start because we never discussed writing marketing pages in studio.

The weekend kicked off with a bike ride. Jon and I only rode twelve miles on Friday. Jon was having some bike issues so we decided to ride to the Bike Rack to have it looked at.  The one problem with riding to the Bike Rack is the hills. It felt like uphill both ways. It was a good ride none the less.

On Saturday May 1st, Jon and I went to the Old Market farmers market. The Old Market farmer’s market started this Saturday and is held every Saturday until October. It was a fun experience and packed with people. This was the first farmer’s market I have been to in years. Downtown St. Louis has a huge market in the Soulard area. Although Omaha’s was much smaller it was similar to the St. Louis market.

Saturday afternoon and Sunday Jon and I rode the Big Papio trial to Keystone. On Saturday we rode about twenty two miles. Sunday we decided to ride further on the Keystone trail for about twenty six miles.

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