April 11, 2010

express the hand

My time this week was spent updating the RBA website. Randy wants the website to express the firm’s capabilities and creativity. My task for Tuesday was to retrieve all of the hand drawing that were scanned into the computers. Randy wants the hand drawings placed as the background images on the website.  RBA has many graphite renderings of earlier projects. Randy’s idea was to Photoshop these renderings to create more dynamic backgrounds.

The Photoshop procedure for these drawings was interesting.  I experimented with the contrast and level techniques to generate dynamic black and white images.  I learned different ways to manipulate an image in Photoshop. Studio experimentation with Photoshop was difficult due to lack of time. The lack of time was mainly caused by giving an inadequate amount of time to the editing phase.

The rest of the week I worked on the website. Jon and I had to find images and drawings of past projects and organize them into the new website folder. The time I spent doing this gave me a clear understanding of RBA’s past. By now I have seen almost every project Randy has completed.

This is different from LaTona Architects because I did not learn about any previous projects. Vince, the Principle, did not dedicate time to photograph a completed project or create a website. Vince did not understand the concept of the internet so he did not think a website was necessary.

After work I went to Kansas City. There I met up with friends for a Kansas City Royals Game on Saturday. It was about twenty degrees warmer than Omaha had been which made it a great day for a baseball game. Even though I am a Cardinal’s fan, it was nice to enjoy the game in a newly remodeled stadium.  The Royals and Cardinals have their similarities and differences. Both are from Missouri and have new or remodeled stadiums.  The fan base in Kansas City seems to have grown because of this improvement. St. Louis, as far as I can remember, has always had a great turn out, even with the old Busch Stadium.

It is sad to say that I have been to the Kaufman Stadium more then the new Busch Stadium, so I still do not have an opinion on Busch Stadium. Kaufman Stadium’s remodel, in my option, is a great design. From what I have noticed since the remodel is the filling of seats. The new stadium attracts larger crowds because it provides more interactive spaces. There are party decks for big groups, larger patios for people to socialize on, and some better design features.  Although the Royals do not have as large of a fan base as the Cardinals their Stadium certainly brings more attention to the stands.   It was fun being in Kansas City again.

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