February 21, 2010

used my time wisely!

Monday February 15, 2010 Randy was out of the office so we did not have an office meeting. Randy did prepare a list of projects and the weeks’ to do list. I started with the Metropolis Magazine project which is another book but this time it will be made into a PDF instead of being printed. This book will have three images, one drawing, and a short description of each of the projects. The majority of the day was spent searching the network for images, drawing, and the descriptions. I was able to learn about a few more of RBA’s previous projects such as Parasite, Circle, and Hidden Creek.

Thursday started out with some easy no brainer tasks such as finding Justin’s (a past intern) e-mail address and e-mail him his W-2’s. Randy and I discussed where I was at on the list on things to do. He told me he received the Bellows’ Rhino model from the intern who had worked on it previously. I was to play around with model and experiment with pulling it apart. The rest of the work day was spent on Rhino with the 3D model.  Working in Rhino helped me gain knowledge about this program and learn how to use it. Rhino is one of the programs our classes do not teach us. I believe this was a good experience because it has widened my computer skills. When comparing this to the last place I interned, it has many similarities and differences. It is similar because I learned new computer programs, SketchUp and CAD, and at the time I did not know either program efficiently. Working for RBA I know those programs and I am learning a whole new generation of programs which will better me in my career.

Friday, Randy went to Kansas City for a meeting and I worked on Bellows again; making diagrams of the form and interior spaces which are not easily recognized from photographs alone. I went through a series of wireframe diagrams of the entire model and then rendered the spaces created. This became a process of rendering views, bringing them into illustrator, and Photoshop, to create overlays of the rendered elements and the wireframe sections.  The process is very similar to studio because it a learning process and it takes time. Usually a lot more time than expected, but to create something to be proud of, the time will be worth it. Friday became a very stressful day because the time required for this process, and how Randy wanted me to complete Bellows and Metropolis. I defiantly used my time wisely on Friday. While the image was being rendered, I worked on redrawing the section because it too became blurry like the plans.  I stayed late to get a small amount of the Metropolis book in progress, but I defiantly ran out of time on Friday and did not complete as much as Randy was hoping for.

Friday night through Sunday was mainly spent in Manhattan. I went back because it was my roommate’s birthday. The trip was an interesting experience because we did not know what to do Saturday. Normally, weekends are spent in studio and we do not have to think of what to do. So, we drove around town to the parts we haven’t experienced before. We learned the city park has an ice rink so we went skating for a while. This was probably the smallest ice rink I have ever seen before. But, it was still fun.

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