February 28, 2010

ski mountains in NE

There were a few minor revisions to be made on the books and then they were sent to the printer. One thing, I think, could have made these books more efficient was the revision process. Randy would find other images, drawings, and descriptions to place into the books but would not save them to the file. So, this would cause a lot of time to be wasted searching the thousands of files for these revisions. I think if he would have just saved it in the file, the process would have gone faster. Another way to make the process faster would have been if Randy would have made the small editing revisions to the description elements. Instead he would write unclearly on the paper so it would take more time trying to decode the message then it would have been to retype it himself. I believe that would have help the books move a lot faster than they did. He has talked to us about time, money, and being efficient so I think those factors could have helped RBA.

Tuesday and Wednesday was spent printing off the Loren Eiseley book and making revisions to the Metropolis Magazine PDF. They consisted of the same issues and learning experiences as the other books. I exercised more of my Photoshop and InDesign skills.

Thursday and Friday started a new project. This time it was organizing Randy’s contacts. Randy wanted a universal program that can store ever contact to make finding an e-mail or phone number much easier. I have been looking up programs and found that Windows Outlook would be the best program to use.

Jon and I began entering a pile of business cards. Randy came in later that day and began sorting them into categories. He threw out the cards RBA does not need anymore. This will make the process move along quickly because we will not waste time entering information that will not be utilized.

We spent the weekend with a friend. Saturday we went back to Mount Crescent to ski and snow board.  The slopes were a lot slower this time because of the warmer weather. It was 30 degrees on Saturday, the perfect boarding conditions. Since I am still an amateur snow boarder, the slower snow helped me keep a slower speed. This means less painful landing when I fall. Saturday night we drove around town, and found the Old Market area to have a great night life. Unfortunately, we did not stay out very late, due to the snowboarding. Everyone was so worn out; in pain, and my knees were swollen. We decided to head back fairly early. But, I hope to go to some of the restaurants and bars in the Old Market soon.

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