February 14, 2010

publisher’s POV

Pushing the books was the objective of Monday. Working back and forth with Photoshop and InDesign throughout the day, I feel, is making me much more efficient with these programs. With school, I use both programs but here I feel as if I am learning from them as well.  These editing programs such as Photoshop and illustrator are rushed during studio, whereas, at RBA there is a greater amount of time spent in these programs. This gives me the ability to become more efficient and knowledgeable of the programs.

We began the Tuesday with a brief office meeting; the key to success. From years of experience, Randy has learned to know and understand the publishers’ point of view. He has been doing these New York trips for many years now, and he believes the best way to get published is by making it easy. If we make it easy for the publishers to publish then the chances are greater. In order to do this we not only have a physical copy of the book by we are also making a CD of the InDesign file and placing all of the images on the CD. This way the publishers do not have to try contacting us later about an image.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday was also the start of one of the last books to be put together. It is for the Kent Bellows Studio and Center for Visual Arts project. Kent Bellows was born in Omaha and was a remarkable artist until his death in 2005. His work has been on display at many galleries in Omaha and around the country. The Kent Bellows Studio and Center for the Visual Arts is a foundation for students who want to learn and practice art of all forms. The foundation in sponsored by donators. The center was where Bellows lived, created many of his backdrops and artwork.  The center, where the students work was designed and built by RBA. Part of the center is in use by students and the other is preserved in memory of Kent Bellows.  Randy wanted this book to tell a story, by explaining who Kent Bellows was. I spent a good portion of the day researching Bellows life, career and generating it into short narrative.  The rest of the day was dedicated to finding the images and drawings of the project and placing them into the spreads.  During studio, the research of a project is less documented then at RBA. I think at studio there is not enough time to put research information into a project. I think I’m going to make more time at school to apply more research into my presentations. I feel like this will strengthen a project.

Friday night after work, Jon and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with our coworker Chris, his wife Brandy, and his daughter Violet. This Buffalo Wild Wings is comparable to the ones back in St. Peters and is different from the one in Manhattan. It was family friendly like the St. Peters’ locations, because Omaha and St. Peters are both suburban cultures. Whereas, Manhattan is a smaller college town, their restaurants are designed with the college student in mind. They are louder with very few children present.

Saturday we were determined to do something outside. Considering Omaha’s weather conditions of about three feet of snow on the ground and a forecast of snow showers through out the day, skiing sounded like the only outdoor activity possible. About fifteen minutes from Randy’s office, in Crescent Iowa, is a ski resort call Mount Crescent. When we got there, it was packed with people but the slopes were still great and covered with fresh powder.  We skied for about six hours and decided to try snowboarding before leaving. For about an hour and a half I tested my balance, fell a lot, and probably almost broke some bones, but defiantly had an awesome time. I will hopefully be able to go back and try it again.  With the way the weather has been there should be snow around for a while.

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