January 24, 2010

RBA to be organized

Monday January 18 began with an office meeting. This weeks’ office meeting related more towards totaling the projects the firm had and sorting them into which projects were of most importance for the week.

The DiNucci Residence was on the top of my list for the week. It needed a set of drawings sent out for cost estimation, a base for the model to be completed, and pictures of the model for process documentation.

A few other things on my list were to take daytime and nighttime photographs of the Tipp House model, organize code books, and a few other organizational tasks. Randy really wants the firm to be organized to it best so everyone can find what they are looking for. RBA really contrasts with the previous firm I worked at because at LaTona Architects it was the complete opposite. There was very little organization and only the Principal knew where everything was.  I believe Randy’s system will be efficient because when Randy is out of the office someone else will be able to find a document or building tool without his help.

Through out the day I worked on a series of revisions of plans, sections, and elevations of the DiNucci Residence. On Tuesday the base of the model needed to be completed but there was no topography map to show the form of the land, so Jon and I were told to go to the site and do some estimating. Even though the site was covered with three feet of snow we were able to get a better understanding of the land.  The base was built and the drawings were sent to get cost estimation.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent doing a “slim” option, (Yes Randy does like Jimmy Johns) for the DiNucci Residence because the design was over the client’s budget. With this experience I learned that it was hard to make the design work when having to make a lot of changes but also that the design can also develop from changes that needed to be made.

Friday January 22, we started to put together a set of presentation drawings for GA Houses again. The submittal was of the Sod House. It was a conceptual design of a house that is currently on hold.  I worked on photo-shopping a rendering of the house to make a layering affect to it.

On Saturday, we drove around some more going further west and south of where I live. We ended up at 168th Street and Dodge, where Village Pointes, an outdoor shopping center is located. At Village Pointes there are a few buildings and interiors by Randy. Saturday was in the 40’s so walking around was not too brutal. Sunday it snowed so I was unable to go out because the roads are covered.

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