January 10, 2010

finally meet randy

Monday January 4, 2010 was the start of the internship at Randy Brown Architects. Randy was out of town but I worked with Chris, another design team member. We went through the basics of the office, to get oriented and to know where supplies and information are located. We did some in-house cleaning and organization and then built monitor stands for the office. Monday was a pretty simple day but I was able to learn a lot about some of the projects being worked on or recently completed.

On Tuesday, I finally met Randy, as well as Andy, another intern who comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We started the day with a meeting about the Office Life and the projects to start working on. The first assignment was a submittal for GA House magazine on the Tipp Residence (aka Optic House). I searched the computer files for images and drawings of the

Optic House, which was an excellent way to get myself familiar with the project. Once we found the images and drawings we wanted, we started putting them into presentation format.

I worked on the drawings Tuesday, Wednesday, and for a small amount of time on Friday. Thursday, Thursday night, and Friday was dedicated to making a model, which we could take photographs of for this submittal. Working in collaboration with Randy, Chris, and Jon we all went through a series of refinement and changes to the drawings. After the first evaluation, it was decided that the way the drawings were being presented were not actually representing what they needed to be. So Randy had the idea of making everything lines and black shadows, which in the end resulted in a great amount of depth to the drawings. It really made the drawings pop.

During this assignment I really began to understand the firm and how it works. Randy really emphasizes process and documenting the process. This system is a lot different from what we are taught at school. In my educational experience, rarely do professors emphasis documenting your work throughout the process, but the documentation is usually complete after the project is finished.

After finishing up the submittal for GA Houses on Friday we headed over to US Data. It was located at about West Center Road and 168th Street. US Data is an interior renovation project Randy had completed and won an award for. We needed to set up the space for a motion picture film shoot by Farshid Assassi. We cleared off desks, cleaned the floors, and put up lighting in certain areas. Randy is going to use the motion picture film at the award ceremony as a new media way to present a project. On Saturday January 9 and Sunday January 10, 2010 we met up early at the US Data building to begin filming. It took about ten hours each day before the film was completed and ready to be edited. I learned there is a lot involved in a motion picture film shoot. For every scene there is a great amount of lighting factors which must be considered to get a quality scene. Also, making the camera show what needs to be shown in order to express the building in the correct way is another factor taken into consideration during this process. I did many jobs including a gaffer and assistant to the gaffer.  For one scene, I sat on the dolly with farshid and his camera and Randy pushed us while the model and I each held a fluorescent tube.  Hilarious!!!!

This experience showed me the importance of documentation and how it can be more than photography alone. There wasn’t much time to learn about the city this weekend because of the photo shoot but the weather wouldn’t permit us to do too much anyways. It was in the single digits and negatives all week long with about three feet of snow on the ground.

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