May 16, 2010

design in cd’s

Monday and Tuesday I spent editing sheet and drawing files. Since we made multiple changes to the design, I needed to update the files. First I did the plan redrafts and then I went into the sheet files to change notes and dimensions.

Many of the techniques used during the revision process were comparable to the fall semester of our fourth year were we first created construction documents. My experience in school and RBA has made me realize the design process continues to evolve throughout the construction document phase. Before, I the assumed the design phase was complete before work started on the construction documents.

Kobe is an excellent example of how construction documents continue the design process. I joined the project after the schematic design was already completed. But as you can see from the previous images of Kobe it has come a long way. Many people believe design development is the only phase where the project advances but Randy encourages us to continue to design while working on the construction documents.

For instance, Randy said “I don’t like it when designers want to hold off on construction documents because they don’t think the design work is finished. This is the phase where we begin to dig into the design details that evolve the project.”  I agree with this statement because during the construction document phase problems are discovered and solutions are found.

Wednesday afternoon we reviewed the Kobe drawings with Randy. We discussed details that needed to be resolved and used previous projects to find solutions to the detail issues. Chris and I decided to make a list of goals that would help us stay on schedule. From working in school and other offices, I found making a list is the best way for me to stay on track. It keeps me organized and gives me an idea of what needs to be accomplished before the end of each day.

Friday night Jon and I tried a Stokes Mexican restaurant in the Old Market.  It had a great menu of authentic Mexican food. Since the weather was much warmer than last week we were able to walk around the Old Market after dinner. Saturday and Sunday we rode our bikes around the area. It is great being able to ride around Omaha.

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