May 9, 2010

roof design, really?!?

Once again the focus of the week is the Kobe project. We are starting to resolve the design more and more. Along with that comes drawing revisions. Monday’s time was used on updating the design and drawings. Chris was in charge of the 3D Rhino model while I took over the Auto CAD drawings.

Tuesday I started cleaning up the drawings with all of the changes to the design. I want to be sure the plan, roof plan, and site plan lined up with each other.

Wednesday Randy and Chris met with the mechanical engineers about Kobe in order to further the design process. We were given the mechanical units sizes which helped us determine the location of the units. Also one of the developers request was to hide the mechanical units so it gave us a better understanding of parapet heights and ceiling heights.

Friday I spent most of the day researching and updating roof plan drawings. I did research to figure the number of and size of the roof drains.  Last semester in studio we did a building code study and my professor showed us how to find codes. This background knowledge helped me find what I was looking for faster.

Friday night, I picked up my two sisters and cousin from the airport. The last time they were in Omaha was about twenty years ago so they didn’t remember anything about Omaha. That night we headed to the Old Market for dinner. We ate at Stokes, a western food restaurant. The food was great and quite different from the ordinary chain restaurant.  I would consider this area to be similar to the Landing in St. Louis because of the original restaurants, cobble stone roads and the atmosphere.

Saturday morning we headed back to the Old Market because they wanted to check out the farmers market. By the time we made it the market was closing; so I decided to show them the Pedestrian Bridge. Since the weather was only in the low 50s, nobody was on the bridge. After nearly being blown away on the bridge we returned to the Old Market and went through the shops. Until Saturday, I did not notice the small clothing stores. We did some window shopping for a while. Later that night we went back to the Old Market for dinner. We ate at Rock Bottom Tap. I would recommend this place to anyone that visits Omaha. The food was amazing, the atmosphere was awesome, and the service was great. Overall this was a great weekend and I was able to try some new restaurants in the downtown area.

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