March 7, 2010

play the clock game

This week was very diverse from other weeks. The objective of the week was to complete the database project. As I mentioned starting the week before, we are helping RBA become more organized with his contact information. Randy has hundreds and hundreds of business cards all around the office.  Our job is to take the business cards and enter them into the Outlook database, so everyone can have access to them. This way everyone in the office will be able to find contact information for a specific person without spending hours digging through the business cards. Not only are we entering them into Outlook, we are organizing them within the system. We are creating categories to separate the contacts such as, clients, consultants, contractors, and other related categories. This will allow more efficiency in the office.

Typing all week long was a task I never thought I would be doing on an Internship. I learned it is a lot harder work then I would have ever imagined. Entering names, phone numbers, addresses, e-mail address, is work that does not allow any creativity. It is a job for someone with a lot of patients and not wanting to put much thought into their work. It allowed me to think about subjects unrelated to what I was doing. By the end of the week, I found myself playing games with the project. One of the games was to make myself wait until I had finished a pile of cards before I would look at the clock. I thought this would make time seem to go by faster, but it didn’t. My typing skills defiantly improved from this exercise.

The weekend temperatures outside reach a high of 45 degrees, it was beautiful outside. But, still not warm enough for outdoor activities. Omaha is well known for their great bike trails all around the area. Because the trails are still covered with snow, we decided to the find the local bike shops to find Jon a bike. The first shop we went to was The Bike Rack, located off Maple and 144th Street. It is located about half way between Jon and I. The Bike Rack was nice. They carried mainly Treks, and had reasonably prices bikes.

The next shop we found was The Bike Way. It was not as well stocked as the first shop. It only carried Specialized bikes and was a bit on the pricey side. The last shop we went to was Olymipia Cycle. It was an alright shop but they did not carry and bike names I have ever heard of. They were also overpriced in their selections. Jon did not get a bike but it was good to see were all the bike shops are located and the options.

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