March 28, 2010

still communicating

There was no office meeting this week because Randy was in New York. He was there meeting with publishers of magazines to present them with the books we had worked on. Even though he was out of town he was still communicating with us through e-mail.

The majority of the day was spent refining the UCLA Alumni Exhibition Board.  Along with the revisions, we needed to send the board to a printer, in Los Angeles, UCLA had arranged.  Issues with this sort of a situation may occur. Since we are unable to review the board after printing we have to double check everything to make sure it will turn out right on the first try. One way I did this was by calling the company and asking them a few questions about their printers. Questions such as, does your printers print a full bleed and what is the file size capacity, are both important.

Tuesday I worked on revising floor plans for Mini Red. This process is a well known practice. A lot of time in Studio is used up on floor plan revisions.  Along with Mini Red, I also worked on drawings for the Bisson Bathroom Renovation.

Wednesday Jon and I worked in the shop on the Take a Seat project.  I enjoyed doing this project.  I started the design phase of this project and now and I am helping with the production phase.  The bench is being made out of rebar. It is very exciting learning how to bend the rebar into forms. I wish there were more product design classes for Architecture students. It would be awesome to learn more about the materials we are using in our designs. By working with the actually materials, I think we will be able to know their capabilities and how to integrate them into the designs.

Randy was back from New York on Thursday.  Through out the day, Randy was sending me new contacts for the database that he collected in New York.  When I was not entering contact information, I was creating a 3D Vis model of the Bisson bathroom.  The 3D model is to show the clients a realistic image of the new design.

On Friday, most of my time was spent on the Bisson bathroom. I brought the renderings from 3D Vis into Photoshop to make them appear realistic. By about 3:30- 4:00 Jon and I were back at the shop. We needed to find a solution for the Take a Seat project. The design was turning out well, but the issue was structure. The rebar was unable to support the cantilevers in the original design. By the end of the day we came up with a solution which is intergraded into the design. Hopefully on Monday we will be able to review it with Randy and complete the bench within the next week.

Saturday was cold and rainy through out the day.  Sunday, on the other hand, was gorgeous outside.  It was 56 degrees with clear skies. Jon and I decided to take advantage of the weather. We loaded our bikes and headed downtown. We have been doing a lot of research of the bike trails. Since the weather was nice, we decided to try out the river walk bike trial. It was really interesting. It runs along the river in both Nebraska and Iowa. We started in Nebraska and then ended up in Iowa for about 4 miles. The most intriguing part about crossing the boarder is the bridge. We cross over the Pedestrian Bridge. It is a really cool experience. From what I could see, the bridge attracts many people. There were bikes, runners, roller bladders, and casual walkers, all across the bridge. From the bridge we were able to bike all the way to the old market area. It was a great ride.  We were able to learn more about Omaha.

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