April 4, 2010

have to think, sleeping optional

Monday, once again, started with an office meeting. My main priority for the week was the Bisson bathroom renovation.  I showed Randy my renderings I had worked on the passed week. He was able to give me some feedback about the direction I took. He asked that I try to come up with four different options. Afterwards see what worked best and determine the differences in cost. After the meeting, I revised a plan for the Corian shower option. Once I completed this, I called up a consultant from the local Corian retailer about an estimate. I found this task stimulating. By calling and talking to a consultant about a real project made me feel like I was not just an intern. I felt like I was doing a professional job. Talking to a consultant is not practiced in school.  It’s a great experience to learn how to talk to these professionals.

Interning at RBA is not like any other job I have had before. In high school and most of college, I have worked in retail, to earn some extra cash. The difference between RBA and the other places I have worked at is the work. I work really hard at both workplaces, but don’t feel as if I am accomplishing as much in a work day. At those other jobs, I worked but it was a different kind of work. I was always the top employee at these other jobs because I did what I was suppose to and I did it fast. But the work there was simple. It was easy. Here, I have to think. This is not just stocking a shelf, it’s how does the shelf function, what is the shelf made or, how would the shelf be constructed? These and many more questions must run through my mind to design houses, offices, and bathrooms. I must think more in depth about things and show what I have learned from school.  The training process at most retail stores take about 3-5 day, whereas Architecture training may take years, lots and lots I am starting to think.

Wednesday and Thursday were spent in the shop. The goal was to have the bench near completion. By the end of Thursday we were about 90% finished. The process of building this bench is something I have not experienced. This is the first time I have ever used rebar as a building material. It is easier to bend than I would have thought. I enjoy being hand on with projects. I wish there would be more product design and furniture design class available at school. I found it a great way to learn the way materials work and how they can be manipulated.

I went home for Easter weekend. I spent most of the time with my family and high school friends. It was very relaxing. I ate plenty of delicious food.

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