March 14, 2010

concepts and ideas

The week started off with a Monday morning office meeting. We discussed where we were on the database project. I needed to contact Sean, the technical support advisor, about merging the contacts into one large file. We also went over the Metropolis Magazine and the new website. After the meeting, I began work on Metropolis. For the most part, Metropolis was extremely close to completion. There were just minor tweaks to be done. The work was similar to a studio project. At the end of a studio project you make a print and go over all the mistakes you over looked. We did a comparable process with Metropolis. After more revisions, I sent a PDF to Randy for him to review. While I waited for feedback, I updated the website brochure. This task was also parallel to metropolis.

Tuesday I spent most of the day searching the internet for home magazines. Randy wants to send the Twist Residence to multiple home magazines in hope to be published. So, I spent a large amount of my time searching for these magazines and their editors contact information. When I was unable to find contact information online, I resorted to calling the magazines. Later on in the day, Randy had sent me more revisions to make on the Metropolis Magazine and RBA Website brochure.

Wednesday I had one last job on the Metropolis Magazine. I needed to write a project description for the Data Shack. Writing a project description is learned through out school. Our professors are always pushing us in our writing of project descriptions, especially in the last year.  But, we do not get pushed on writing descriptions for someone else’s project. This was the challenge in the Data Shack description. The Data Shack was still in the design phase and I have yet to work on it. The only knowledge I have of the project is from what I have seen from the renderings. This made, what should be a fairly simple assignment, more difficult. Since I did not know much about the project, I confronted Chris about the project. He had worked the most on it. He explained to me the most important concepts and ideas. His input made the description I wrote more in depth them I could have made it on my own.

Thursday I went down to the shop to photograph the progress Jon had made on the bench. Randy asked me to take the photographs and print them off. He was going to take the images to the meeting with the city.

The rest of the work week was spent on the website brochure. Making revisions, sending them to Randy, and then repeating the process until it was completed. It is much like studio projects. The refining process may take multiple tries but the end results will show the hard work.

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