The Lauritzen Botanical Gardens commissioned RBA to design and construct a temporary structure to be located within their gardens for one summer season.  The winning submission was designed with the intention of being simultaneously fun and educational.  Titled “Circle”, the structure was composed of 100 painted steel pipes which hung from a ring of tube steel and hovered over a landscape of river rock and concrete block.  Serving as a large sundial, the concrete block line marked true North, while the vertical supports were oriented on the cardinal directions.

Interaction with the structure was intended to edit and heighten certain bodily senses.  When inside the structure, one gets an almost voyeuristic sense of privacy, as sitting in the center allows view out through all of the pipes for a panoptic view. The sense of touch was amplified through the variance of materials from steel to wood.  The sense of hearing was enhanced through the harmonic noise of the pipes swaying in the wind and the gravel crunching under feet.