educational installation

Fontenelle Forest Association commissioned RBA to design and construct a temporary educational installation inside the 1,000 acre state park.   We choose sprawl as the educational theme.  Our installation documents the continual parasitic push of suburbia into rural areas, communicating the negative effects and providing information on alternatives to suburban sprawl

Sprawl has been perpetuated through the use of the automobile as the central mode of transportation.  This has allowed people to live further from the city center, in turn increasing fossil fuel use and pollution to air and water sources.  In reaction, we decided to dissect and utilize the car as a way to exploit this phenomenon and decrease construction costs.

The deck material was recycled from a suburban home and reconfigured to be an extension of the existing boardwalk. The form of the structure was meant to metaphorically allude to the kinetics of the city, as if the boardwalk is unfolding into the forest in the same manner as the city fabric moves out into the rural areas.